The GPS Mapping System

The GPS Mapping System
GPS (Global Positioning System) Mapping is one of the greatest advancements in mapping since the beginning of mapping which predates the written word, perhaps being 8,000 years old. Many inventions in the field of navigation and technology were devised for military use and help adventure enthusiasts in their respective undertakings. GPS mapping systems are great for the fun of 4x4 off-roading adventures.

Research into a global positioning system was begun in the 1960’s. The U.S. Department of Defense developed GPS. By 1994 the military had an operational global positioning system which included 24 satellites. These satellites provide the data that make a global positioning system work.

In 1996 the global positioning system was made available for civilian use however the military maintained selective availability (SA) meaning that the data provided for civilian use was intentionally not as accurate. This was out of concern for possible misuse of the system. In 2000 the military discontinued the selective availability making accurate global positioning data available to civilian uses including the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Much advancement has been made in the systems and additions to the system in 2005 made global positioning much more accurate. Companies began creating handheld GPS units for civilian use.

The GPS mapping system uses fundamental technology to analyze the positions on the Earth’s surface. The GPS mapping system is directed from the GPS satellites that compute exact and concise ground coordinates. Through the introduction of the GPS mapping system, many people interact with each other geographically just by describing the popular interesting areas for adventure with the use of the GPS mapping system and other GPS coordinates. This is great for finding your way on an off-road trail or sharing with a friend the location of a beautiful off-road site not depicted on standard maps.

The accuracy of GPS systems vary. The accuracy of GPS signals since 2000 when the Wide-Area Augmentation System (WAAS) became available is within 6 feet. Global Positioning Systems using Differential GPS (DGPS) are accurate to about half an inch over short distances.

The GPS mapping system since being available for civilian use is especially fun for those who are into adventure, like 4x4 off-roading, to have secure, safe, and fun navigations. The GPS mapping system serves as a special device for the adventure enthusiasts to find their right destination and find their way back home quickly and easily.

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